In the search for CBD goodies, obstacles and snake-oil salesmen abound. It is a task rife with complications. The standard varies dramatically, and given the cost, you want to ensure you’re making informed decisions and going with a trustworthy brand. In this review, we’ll examine cbdMD, a company with big ambitions. CBD oil is legal in all USA states including Arizona, Texas, Utah, etc.

cbdMD is marketing their brand as a means to enjoy a ‘new outlook on everyday wellness.’ The company offers its own-branded cbdMD products to everyone, from world-class athletes to your very own dog. Understanding the importance of legality, cbdMD also guarantees non-detectable THC in every one of their products. 

The company is confident in its abilities and products. If you’re dissatisfied, they offer a 60-day window to request your money back; no questions as to reasons of return either. Furthermore, cbdMd is the solitary company dedicated to CBD that features on the New York Stock Exchange. CbdMD is ‘pure-play’, meaning that they solely operate in one line of business. In this case, it is CBD. 

Hopefully, our cbdMD review will convince you of the brand’s strength and alert you to their weaknesses.

CBDmd Summary

Let’s skim through a brief collection of pro’s and con’s from our cbdMD review as a whole before going further:


  1. Collaboration with athletes to explore the potential of CBD as related to performance
  2. A guarantee of no THC showing up in testing after enjoying cbdMD products.
  3. Listing on NYSE (New York Stock Exchange)
  4. Dedicated to making wellness accessible to everyone
  5. Extensive range of innovative products 


  1. No way to find local resellers, products are only available online

Top 5 Best Products from CBDmd

Here are our hot picks from CBDmd’s extensive range of products

  1. CBD Oil Tinctures by CBDmd

Tinctures are easily digestible, organic, and oil-based mixtures. They are possibly the simplest way to receive a finely controlled hit of CBD to combat whatever is bothering you. cbdMD dosage is easy to refine and modify, although you might find it tricky using the dropper at first.

cbdMD offers a selection of these mixtures with several variables between them. Choose between a 30ml and a 60ml bottle. Then choose your strength – which ranges from 300mg to 7500mg. Finally, pick your flavor; natural, berry, orange, or mint. 

Extract TypeBroad Spectrum
CBD Range300mg-7500mg
Price Range:$29.99-$339.99


  1. These bottles have a tight seal and an easy to use dropper for administration
  2. The different strengths go up very high; 250mg in a single dose is fantastic for severe pain or anxiety
  3. A good variety of potencies are available, which is useful for individuals with specific tolerances


  1. An excellent range of strengths means you can dial in the serving size you need to choose with great accuracy
  2. Nice flavors, but natural might leave an unpleasant aftertaste
  3. Available in 30ml or 60ml size bottles


  1. Some flavors unavailable when purchasing higher strength tinctures
  2. Only two strengths available in 60ml bottles
  1. CBDmd CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are an ubiquitous item in the wellness industry. Nothing says taking care of yourself like indulging in a little sweetness and relaxation. 

cbdMD has added an extra dimension to these gummies by producing a Vitamin C packed version, in addition to the pure CBD format.

Extract TypeBroad Spectrum
CBD Range300mg – 1500mg
Price Range:$29.99-$99.99
Potency10mg – 50mg


  1. CBD gummies are an excellent way to take a controlled daily dose of the compound, great for sufferers of chronic pain. 
  2. They’re simple to store and consume, meaning they’ll easily slide into your morning routine.
  3. The gummy’s infusion of CBD means accurate and consistent dosing. Rather than the coated variety which can produce different amounts.
  4. cbdMD gummies are also gluten-free and vegan, meaning they’re suitable for almost everyone – if you do suffer from allergies, do check your predisposition to allergies on the label before consumption.


  1. Available in a Vitamin C version, allowing you to double down on some crucial vitamins and compounds.
  2. They taste great and last a long time. If stored correctly in a cool, dark place, these gummies will last for a year.
  3. The precise dose size makes it easy to control and know how much CBD you’re consuming.


  1. Can be expensive as compared to other types of CBD infused goods
  2. Turn into a goopy mass if stored incorrectly.
  1. CBDmd CBD PM for Sleep

The problems in our personal lives can sometimes make it difficult to sleep. What’s the cure? Some say it is CBD combined with melatonin. This cbdMD tincture not only contains both but also won Product of the Year (‘CBD Sleep Aid) in a survey of more than 40,000 consumers. 

Extract TypeBroad Spectrum
CBD Range500mg
Price Range$44.95


  1. The brand’s combining CBD and melatonin, which makes for a night-time recipe that helps us sleep better.
  2. Both CBD and melatonin compounds have superb safety records and profiles. 


  1. Helps drift off with melatonin and CBD in one easy tincture.
  2. Contains Valerian, Passionflower, Cascade hops, Chamomile, and Lemon Balm.
  3. Offers excellent dose control and is fast-acting. Best taken thirty minutes before bedtime.


  1. Requires a time-consuming use to feel the effects
  1. CBDmd CBD Bath Bombs

If you have not experienced the deeply relaxing joy of a CBD bath bomb, you are missing out. The bombs double down on relaxation with Epsom salts as another ingredient. All in all, they will help you to experience true bliss. The longer you soak in the bath, the more relaxed you’ll feel. You need at least thirty minutes of absorption time to make the most of CBD. Be careful not to drift off.

Extract TypeBroad Spectrum
CBD Range100mg
Price Range:$9.99 – $35.99


  1. cbdMD’s bath bombs come in six different forms. One is a pure CBD concoction, while the others have a range of delightful essential oils: lavender, frankincense, and eucalyptus, to name a few.
  2. With 100mg of CBD per bath bomb, you will get a heavy hit. It is possible to carefully split the bomb into two pieces if you’d like to stretch it further – as they are slightly pricey.


  1. Combining a relaxing bath with a proven-to-relax compound like CBD is one of life’s great pleasures. And as there is no THC involved, this experience is safe and harmless.
  2. Wonderful smell and beneficial essential oils add to the experience.
  3. A modest list of ingredients 


  1. These bath bombs do not come cheap. For one dose, you do pay more than you would for a tincture or balm.

Freeze pain relief gel is an essential part of many first aid kits. Whether you’re playing football or out for a hike, knocks and sprains are never fun. Yet those irritating knocks and sprains instantly lose some edge when doused in the chilly stuff. Pioneering a gel that contains a CBD infusion illustrates cbdMD’s approach to sports science and wellness.

Extract TypeBroad Spectrum
CBD Range300mg-3000mg
Price Range$29.99-$149.95


  1. Combining pain-relieving properties of menthol with the cannabinoids of CBD offers an instant helping hand to any knocks or bangs you may pick up while being active.
  2. The non-greasy formula makes the product pleasurable to use.
  3. Available as a roll-on or a squeezy-tube – the choice is yours.


  1. Voted Product of the Year by Kantar in the CBD Topicals category
  2. Contains arnica for extra-cooling ‘oomph’
  3. Available in small and large sizes


  1. No dosage control, you can quickly burn through the roll-on without noticing
  2. The freeze is not as strong as typical products of this type
  3. Lack of publicity and unavailability of the product in stores 

Where to Buy CBDmd CBD Products

CBD has been having an intense moment of attention. Questions regarding its efficacy and legitimacy have plagued it, yet the science and literature tend to paint a reassuring picture. When you access and imbibe safe, well-extracted CBD, there are no real drawbacks – aside from allergies which seem rare so far. 

To ensure you have a pleasant and hopefully healing time using CBD, you must seek reputable vendors. Look for explicit manufacturers and suppliers of their product’s lineage and source. Focus primarily on the testing methods they utilize and which company or business is doing the tests. It is also a useful trick to compare prices. This way, you can see if a price or an offer is dodgy. 

How to Buy

Buying good CBD requires understanding the processes of extraction, what different potencies mean, and how to know what dose is right for you. CbdMD is not a medical company, but they offer an extensive selection of researched articles and guides on the best practices for using and enjoying their product. For instance, the company provides its cbdMD Cbd oil in different forms. Using their handy articles and guides section, you can discover the suitable method of delivery.

Is cbdMD legit in giving out this advice? Yes, they include disclaimers reminding you to check with your physician and what the FDA tells us at this point in time. 

The only way to purchase cbdMD oil is to go via their website. They are also active on social media, occasionally running giveaways and generally promoting their product. If you’d like to shop locally, there are certainly competitors to check out, but for a company that’s determined to go very big in this growing field, cbdMD is one to keep an eye on.

Final thoughts

If you want to support a company committed to CBD business, cbdMD could be for you. From this cbdMD review you’ve learned that they’re making moves on the stock market with their highly developed and rigorously tested product range. Read about CBD pros and cons in our blog.

What’s terrific when considering this company is its dedication to non-GMO American-sourced hemp. Not only is this positive for the environment but also for your health and wellbeing. All the products receive a rigorous examination at an external laboratory, which is certified by ISO. Moreover, lab results for any product are visible on the website and handily located on individual product pages, which is a positive sign. So is cbdMD legit? Yes, it is. Hopefully, our cbdMD review will help you make a rational buying decision and feel the much needed effect after trying their products out. 


Is cbdMD a good brand?

cbdMD certainly is a good brand for CBD aficionados. They source their hemp from the USA, and they ensure it has no detectable levels of THC in it. Floating on the NYSE also demonstrates a great deal of commitment and backing. Both within the company and from outside investors.

Is cbdMD legit?

From our research, we can say that cbdMD is a legit company. They love to provide in-depth information and support on their website and social media. Their products work very effectively, and the diverse range is highly welcome in the market.

How To Buy Products From CBDmd?

To order the product from cbdMD, you must shop through their site using a coupon code

on an individual or a wholesale basis. Resellers may be available in your area, although it is hard to track down stockists. So it is probably best to shop directly.