CBD (cannabidiol) is known for many health benefits. Moreover, it promotes general wellbeing and improves life quality. At the same time, many people use CBD to achieve other goals. For instance, CBD users claim that cannabidiol helps them lose weight.

Do these claims have anything in common with reality? Today, you find out what scientists say about CBD and weight loss. But first, let us explain what you need to do to lose weight. Ready? Then read further to find this out.

Is CBD Legal?

Is CBD legal in all states? Currently, it is officially permitted for consumption in 47 US states. Still, there are plenty of limitations in each region. For instance, several states allow using CBD only for specific conditions, like severe epilepsy forms.

What Should You Do to Lose Weight?

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Unless you have severe metabolic dysfunction, you can lose all unwanted pounds with a bit of work and dedication. A few things are required to lose fat, and there is nothing magical about them. Here they are:

Caloric Deficit

To lose weight, you have to consume fewer calories than you spend. Let us say you need about 2,500 calories a day to maintain a certain weight. If you decrease your caloric intake to 2,000, you will start losing weight. It’s a 100% working method because physics works this way: you can’t build anything out of nothing.


Training helps you lose more fat mass. Thus, it increases your body’s need for calories. Besides, low-intensity (below 65%) training promotes fax oxidation (fat burning).

Proper Nutrition

While maintaining a caloric deficit, you will lose both muscle and fat mass. Thus, to preserve your muscles, you need to consume nutrients within a specific proportion:

  • Protein. You should eat around 0.7 grams of protein per pound of your body mass to preserve your muscles during weight loss.
  • Fat. It is better to keep your fat intake within 35% of your daily caloric intake.
  • Carbs. You can eat carbs. However, you have to keep them within your caloric deficit.

Thus, you need to keep to the diet and exercise. How can CBD complement your efforts? Let’s proceed to CBD properties that can add to your diet and promote faster weight loss.

1. CBD Increases Lipolysis

Researchers have revealed that CBD can become an efficient fat burner. The 2020 CBD study observation suggests that cannabidiol increases lipolysis. What is it? It is the process of breaking down fat into fatty acids. These acids are released into the blood and processed by mitochondria to fuel your body.

How is CBD involved in this process? When getting to your bloodstream, cannabidiol increases the release of the lipolysis-activating proteins. Thus, your body receives more signals to use fat as energy. The same study observation also states that CBD can increase mitochondrial activity, complementing fat loss. Thus, CBD is proven to promote weight loss, resembling typical fat burners.

2. CBD Promotes Fat Browning

Your body fat is different. Most of it consists of white adipocytes (fat cells). This type of fat stores energy and leads to obesity when in excess. However, there is another type of fat, which is the brown one. Apart from oil droplets, brown fat tissue contains mitochondria. Your body uses this type of fat to produce heat energy and maintain body temperature. It is also associated with improved metabolism and lower body mass index.

In its turn, CBD regulates metabolism by activating genes and proteins that induce browning of white adipose tissue. In other words, cannabidiol prevents obesity.

3. CBD Reduces “Bad” Cholesterol

Another observation of CBD studies suggests that cannabidiol has a promising obesity-prevention effect. In animal models, CBD reduced low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (the harmful one) by 25%. Besides, it increased high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (the good one) concentrations by 55%.

Thus, CBD can prevent obesity and cope with its side effects, such as high blood pressure. If you already have a high body mass index, cannabidiol can help you improve your health to start exercising for weight loss.

How to Use CBD for Weight Loss?

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First, note that CBD alone won’t burn your fat. To trigger fat loss, you need to cut calories and exercise. CBD, like other fat burners, will help you achieve your weight loss goals a bit faster. So how much CBD do you need to take? The truth is that there is no fixed CBD dose for everyone. Therefore, you need to start with 12 mg of CBD per day and adjust the daily cannabidiol intake to see the results. Nonetheless, it is always better to consult your practitioner before taking cannabidiol.

Side Effects

CBD involves mild, infrequent side effects, such as:

  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea

You may never experience them if you start with small CBD doses.

The Bottom Line

CBD indeed helps you lose weight and prevent obesity. It increases fat loss, regulates cholesterol levels, and promotes fat browning. At the same time, CBD won’t burn your fat unless you keep to the diet and exercise. Low-intensity training and caloric deficit do the main job, and CBD only adds to these circumstances. Anyway, cannabidiol can become an excellent addition to your weight loss routine.


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